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A team of medical experts

AUXESIS PHARMA HOLDING AB (publ), is a pharmaceutical company, based in Stockholm, Sweden. The team is interdisciplinary in the medical industry including a Certified Drug Consultant, Professor of Pharmacotherapy, Clinical Pharmacology and Sales and Marketing expertise. Auxesis Pharma Holding AB is a company that owns the rights of any additional and necessary patents in a specific medical research area.

Our product line

Key features

Our product line are designed for the global market. The company is working with the FDA for a second introduction to the US market, and are negotiating with strategic pharmaceutical companies for manufacturing and distribution. The active substances of our products has already been approved by the Medical Products Agency in Sweden, which will simplify the process for approval both domestically and globally.

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Product in focus


ASA.P® is a non-prescription topical pain elimination drug that can be applied to the skin in different forms. The global challenge today is quick pain relief for topical exposure and infections from sun burn, wasp/ mosquito bites, herpes, nettle, jelly fish etc. Our research reveals that it drastically deminishes pain caused by insect bites, poison plants, rashes, eczema, herpes etc in its own, unique way.

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