A Medical life Science innovation company

Stockholm, Sweden



Auxesis Pharma is proud of its history of successfully partnering with external organizations that share our purpose to deliver breakthroughs that makes peoples life better. We engage in partnerships with innovators to push forward great science and continually seek new partners that are actively researching bold scientific ideas, capabilities and technologies that have the potential to bring innovative treatments to people. Auxesis Pharma has several key areas of interest where we are looking to partner with others.


We are a full service agency with excellence in several legal areas and industries. We offer qualified business legal advice to companies and the public sector.

Ramberg’s clients mainly consist of Swedish and international public and private companies, industry organizations, Swedish insurance companies, venture capital funds, county councils, municipalities, authorities and public organizations as well as public companies. Our starting point is always the client’s interests and we should be an obvious tool in the client’s business. Our advice should contribute to the client’s business in every matter.

VD Stödet

Our vision is to develop Sweden’s companies, organizations and their leaders through practical advice that works. Based on our common, long-term experience and expertise in business management, we tailor unique solutions for each individual company.

Through our consultants, who all have at least 15 years of experience in corporate management, we ensure that the measures are implemented with high quality that meets the customer’s and our own goals.

Captigenics Capital

Captigenics Capital AB was founded in 2018 by Mr Roar Adelsten, an entrepreneur that has spent the past 26 years on research and development, having innovated several generic formulations for clinical trials. 

 We specialize in investing in innovations for health advancement & life improvement and investment portfolios in the stock & crypto market.


As a global provider of Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI) services, we help you to be more successful by making it easier for you to settle domestic and cross-border securities transactions and safekeep your investments. We also help you manage the risks and exposures arising from your transactions. 
Our multi-lingual, highly trained team of professionals based in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas are committed to providing personalised support.

Svensk Läkemedelsstatistik

At Svensk Läkemedelsstatistik, we are dedicated to providing accurate and comprehensive analyses of 
the pharmaceutical industry in Sweden. 
Through thorough analysis and tailored consulting services, we offer valuable insights for decision-makers 
within the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. Our expertise spans from understanding market data 
and sales statistics to providing robust business intelligence solutions. 
Together, we strive towards a more informed and innovative future within the pharmaceutical domain.