A Medical life sciense innovation company

Stockholm, Sweden


Auxesis Pharma

AUXESIS PHARMA HOLDING AB (publ) is a company that owns the rights of any additional and necessary patents in a specific medical research area.

AUXESIS PHARMA HOLDING AB (publ) owns two subsidiaries, Acet Medica AB and Coxypet Pharma AB.

The research, which is ongoing, aims to develop several extremely fast analgesic skin preparations, but which at the same time, in some cases, not only remove the momentary pain but also the skin symptoms. An example is those with various herpes viruses, which cause skin problems. These people can get rid of not only irritation and pain, but also the visible effects of the relapse on the skin. However, not the virus itself. The pain relief is immediate and today there is no corresponding drug on the medical market.

The innovation can also be useful on pets and domestic animals. However, some prescription adaptations per animal species are required. Since then, the cosmetics and skin care industries are also an intended target group.

According to the project plan, the products for humans will be ready for market introduction globally in 2024. Hopefully, one or more preparations for animals can also be available on the global market in 2025/26. However, real growth is estimated to take place in 2025/2026, to continue to increase in the years thereafter.