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In September 2023 the company will submit an application for a patent to the Patent and Registration Office Sweden. When it is ready, the plans are directed towards Östersund.
– We want to build a factory up there. We will start planning the factory when the research team at Karolinska in Stockholm is done with their job. We also wish to support football and want to get to know the municipality where we will establish ourselves, says Roar Adelsten.

The company that will save ÖFK wants to start pharmaceutical manufacturing in Östersund. The idea is for the footballers to advertise pain-relieving preparations.

– It is a good method for us to become known, both in the municipality and in Jämtland, says company owner Roar Adelsten. 

A medical company that gives Östersund football club a large donation wants to start a factory in Östersund.

– For a pain-relieving product that we hope to get a patent for soon, says the company’s CEO and founder Roar Adelsten.

– We wanted to find something that we believe can provide some kind of return in the future. And then we came into contact with this company, Captigenics. It is actually an ÖFK supporter based in Stockholm who has been a consultant and worked for them. It is he who has connected us, reveals Bengt Olofsson, who also states that it is a medical company that develops products for pain relief.