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One step closer to factory in Ostersund

ÖFK sponsor one
step closer to factory in Ostersund.

15 december 2023

While manufacturing is still pending, shares worth several million kronor were donated to save ÖFK’s elite license. 

Now, the company behind the gift has taken a step closer to a factory in Östersund by patenting its version of pain-relieving aspirin.

“The first product will be a wet wipe,” says Roar Adelsten, CEO of Auxesis Pharma AB.

Maria Lindholm


Bild: Therése Särnbäck photography


Photography: Therése Särnbäck 

He and his partners were in Östersund during the last home match in the The Super First Division. 

They didn’t have time to watch the match, but they were introduced to the audience before kick-off as financially saving angels.

In August, ÖFK announced that the club had received a donation in the form of 110,000 shares in the company AUXESIS PHARMA HOLDING AB (publ). The shares were estimated to be worth 6 million kronor. The club sold the majority of the shares, thus increasing the funds needed to rescue the economy, reportedly by 4.3 million kronor.

Since then, the company has had regular contact with the municipality. The plans are to establish production in Östersund.

However, to start manufacturing drugs, both patent approval and approval from 

the Medical Products Agency are required. And now, Auxesis has registered the former.

“We have registered the active components,” says Roar Adelsten, CEO of the newly established company.

The idea is to stabilize pain-relieving aspirin, which is normally dissolved in the form of an effervescent tablet. Instead, Auxesis wants to develop a way to manufacture the pain-relieving medicine in products applied directly to the skin. Cream has been mentioned before, but the first product to be manufactured will be a wet wipe, according to Roar Adelsten.

“One can imagine burning oneself on nettles or during the Christmas season when taking trays out of the oven and getting burned.

We also consider minor burns like sunburns,” he says.

With the patent registration, the company is now looking for a Lego manufacturer who can produce the wet wipes on a small scale. Alternatively, they can be developed in the laboratories available to the company at the Karolinska Institute, according to Roar Adelsten.

The next step is to test them on people and apply for market approval from the Medical Products Agency.

“By New Year’s, we will decide whether to rent an existing space in Östersund or build a new one from scratch. We have looked at locations, and there are high requirements due to the manufacturing of a pharmaceutical product. Owning the space ourselves is, of course, an advantage, but it’s not decided yet,” says Roar Adelsten.