A Medical life Science innovation company

Stockholm, Sweden



The aim for AUXESIS ANIMAL CARE  AB is to develop pain elimination products for the animal care markets such as; veterinary, household pets, cattle industry, horse racing, camel race, dog races etc. We will steer our research and development in the next stage towards the veterinary drug category.


Both among animal owners and veterinarians, there is a demand and market for a product of the type we are working to produce. CoxyPet® is a product where the animal keeper does not have to worry about overdose and which also consists of several curative substances. This means a minor revolution in the animal care market; the animal owners can apply the preparation themselves.


The market potential is strong, as the products can be used on animals by their owners for the first time. Added to this is the number of animals that are relevant. And that the CoxyPet® product line helps against a large number of different atopic conditions. Both the household pet market and cattle industry are current customers.


Pain relief and prevention of infection during various mass interventions in the cattle industry, such as dehorning of cows. Our products can help reduce the use of antibiotics and the problems that exist with antibiotic resistance. Because the preparation does not enter the blood system, the CoxyPet® healing formula is directly applied on the problem area, something that was previously not possible. The need for a veterinarian when applying the CoxyPet® products is in most cases not needed, the cost of treating the animal is then reduced tremendously.