Ett medicinskt life science-innovationsbolag

Stockholm, Sverige


Our history in brief

After several years of research and testing, Acet Medica AB was established in 2016 to enable agreements with various research teams. Auxesis Pharma Holding AB was founded in 2019, which is now the parent company of Acet Medica AB and CoxyPet® Pharma AB. Acet Medica AB will withhold prototype production and the license to produce and market our medical products in the Nordic countries in the start phase.


ASA.P® is a non-prescription topical pain elimination drug that can be applied to the skin in different forms. The global challenge today is quick pain relief for topical exposure and infections from sun burn, wasp and mosquito bites, herpes, nettle, jelly fish etc. Our research reveals that it drastically diminishes pain caused by insect bites, poison plants, rashes, eczema, herpes etc in its own, unique way. Therefore, we believe ASA.P® has all the requirements to be a unique and profitable product for the growing topical pain market.