A Medical life Science innovation company

Stockholm, Sweden


Our history in brief

After several years of research and testing, Acet Medica AB was established in 2016 to facilitate agreements with various research teams. In 2024, the company underwent restructuring and a new subsidiary, Auxesis MedTech AB, was founded. This new entity is part of the Auxesis Pharma Holding AB concept. Consequently, we have concluded Acet Medica’s operations and launched Auxesis MedTech AB to continue our journey in medical innovation.

Auxesis Pharma Holding AB (publ), founded in 2019, is the parent company of Auxesis MedTech AB and CoxyPet® Pharma AB. In its initial phase, Auxesis MedTech AB will handle prototype manufacturing and hold the license to produce and market our medical products in the Nordic region and license them globally.


Auxesis MedTech AB will focus on selling and marketing ASA.P and Coxypet products. To ensure the highest standards and efficiency, we will establish our own factory equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, customized and tailored specifically by Auxesis Pharma Holding AB, to produce these products. By maintaining full control over the production process, we can guarantee a unique and tailored quality of our products as well as controlled deliveries.

ASA.P® is an over-the-counter, topical analgesic medication applied to the skin in various forms.


The global challenge today is to offer rapid pain relief for exposures and infections caused by sunburn, wasp and mosquito bites, herpes, eczema, nettles, jellyfish stings, and more.


Our research indicates that ASA.P® blocks the COX-2 signal, meaning it is both analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Therefore, we confidently assert that ASA.P® meets all the requirements for a unique and profitable product in the growing market for dermatological and pain relief solutions.